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FAQs about Puzzle Pro 3

1. Does my licence for OnePlayer Puzzle 2 also work for Puzzle Pro 3?

The development of Puzzle Pro 3 and its new site are the result of a consequent work. For this reason, we can’t offer this new version as a simple update of OnePlayer Puzzle 2.

Puzzle Pro 3 requires the payment of a specific license and your OnePlayer Puzzle 2 license can’t be used to unlock Puzzle Pro 3.

Of course, if you paid the OnePlayer Puzzle 2 license, you can continue to use it as before. Over 1,000 puzzles remain compatible with this version.

To learn more, click here.

2. Does the installation of Puzzle Pro 3 replace that of OnePlayer Puzzle 2?


The Puzzle Pro 3 setup is independent of OnePlayer Puzzle 2. Therefore, you can play simultaneously on the 2 versions and your OnePlayer Puzzle license will continue to work.

Please note that the new puzzles you download will automatically be entered into Puzzle Pro 3.

If you want puzzles to go back to OnePlayer Puzzle 2, download this small program and run it once.

3. I can’t install the new puzzles in OnePlayer Puzzle 2.

The new puzzles that you downloaded from the site diplay a "?" and cause an error when you try to open them in OnePlayer Puzzle 2.

In fact, since November 2008 and the upgrade to Puzzle Pro 3, new puzzles added to the site will no longer be compatible with OnePlayer Puzzle 2. On the other hand, puzzles already on the site before that date remain compatible with OnePlayer Puzzle.

To determine if a puzzle is compatible with OnePlayer Puzzle, check the following indication:

Compatible Puzzle Pro 3 only   Compatible Puzzle Pro 3 and OnePlayer Puzzle 2
4. I installed Puzzle Pro 3 for test but would like to come back to OnePlayer Puzzle 2.

Start by uninstalling Puzzle Pro 3 and then reinstall OnePlayer Puzzle in his old directory.

Caution. Do not uninstall the old version of OnePlayer Puzzle if you want to keep all your old games and puzzles.

To uninstall Puzzle Pro, click "Uninstall Puzzle Pro" which is located at : Start Menu / Programs / OnePlayer / Puzzle Pro

OnePlayer Puzzle 2 setup file

5. I would like to transfer my puzzles from OnePlayer Puzzle 2 on Puzzle Pro 3.

To do this, simply copy the < Puzzle > directory content located in the installation folder of OnePlayer Puzzle 2 and paste it in the directory < Puzzle > of Puzzle Pro 3.

By default, the C:\Program Files\OnePlayer\Puz2\Puzzle

... and the <Puzzle> directory in PuzzlePro 3 is located at:
C:\Program Files\OnePlayer\PPro\puzzle

6. I got an error message when I launch Puzzle Pro 3.

If the message asks you where is "Stretch.swa", you probably have Puzzle Pro 3 version 3.02 or less installed on your computer. To check, launch the game and see the version number under the title "Puzzle Pro".

To fix this bug, please update Puzzle Pro 3 by clicking here.

For any other problem, feel free to contact us by email.

7. How can I get the picture of the puzzle at the end of a game?

In the new version of the game, I removed the functionality allowing saving a low resolution picture of the puzzle. Following the request of many users, this feature is again available in version 3.04.

To keep the image of the puzzle that you just finished, click the floppy disk button above the button "close" of the "End game" panel.

8. How do I renew my license Puzzle Pro?

To renew your subscription to PuzzlePro when it will expired, you simply have to order a new license via your OnePlayer account.

As before, you will receive by e-mail a new code as soon as your payment is confirmed.

Then, to unlock the game, simply perform the same manipulation as before:

  • Launch the PuzzlePro application by double-clicking the icon on your desktop.
  • On the introduction page of the game, click the "PIN"  bottom right.
  • Enter the name and the password you received in the mail. Be careful to respect the capital letters and spaces when typing.
  • Submit.

Your game is now unlocked, you can start playing!

9. How to remove a jigsaw puzzle under Windows 7?

Windows 7 no longer allows Puzzle Pro to remove a puzzle from the explorer module.

To remove one or more puzzles (... and if you have installed PuzzlePro in the default path), you must delete the directory corresponding to the puzzle in the folder:

  • C:\Program Files\Oneplayer\PPro\puzzle\108p for a 108 pieces jigsaw puzzle.
  • C:\Program Files\Oneplayer\PPro\puzzle\108p for a 300 pieces jigsaw puzzle.
10. I have a message "You lost a piece under the mat...".

The problem you encounter could happen when you place a piece as the game engine is currently updating the positioning of all pieces on the mat and in the box. In this case, the game is corrupt and you have to reload your previous saved game to continue your game.

Thus... remember to regularly back up your current game;)

To reload your saved game, go back in the library, choose the puzzle of the current game and load the backup rather than new game.

You can always save your game by clicking on the icon with a white mat in the icons bar. Each backup overwrites the previous one.

You can launch and back up as many puzzles as you like.

Sorry for this bug which I unfortunately do not have time to fix currently. Thank you for your understanding.

11. What happened to "The daily jigsaw puzzle"?

For several years, OnePlayer proposed a new puzzle every day. We unfortunately had to stop adding puzzles. Indeed, making puzzles for PuzzlePro is a complex and very time-consuming operation.

Nevertheless, you still have several thousand puzzles available. That should keep you busy for a while...

In addition, we created ART PUZZLES.CO.UK. It's a new site and a new game, most modern and fully online this time. ART PUZZLES will continue to receive new puzzles.

Thank you for your understanding.