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More about payment by credit card

Does OnePlayer have access to my credit card number and is this number recorded in the OnePlayer database ?

No at all.

We have chosen to entrust a specialized company to develop the secure payment solution using your credit card number.

By clicking on the "Proceed to secure payment", button, you will be connected to a secure server that will handle the secure transaction process.

Neither your credit card number, nor other information will be accessible to ONEPLAYER at the time of the transaction. The only information that we will receive will be if the transaction is validated or not.

Who runs the security payment solution of the OnePlayer site ?

The payment solution for this site is by PAYBOX SYSTEM, the leading French company for secure payment solutions on the Internet.

For more information, click on the logo below to visit the PAYBOX site.

Pybox system

What is the level of security when I enter my credit card number ?

At the time you enter your credit card number and validate the transaction, you will no longer be on the OnePlayer site. You will have been redirected to a high level protected server managed by the company PAYBOX.

All information you enter will be encrypted according to the latest methods.

This procedure helps to protect data sent over the Internet and assure the buyer that his credit card number cannot be read during the transfer to the secure server PAYBOX SYSTEM.

Lastly, this information will not be accessible to OnePlayer, at any time.

How will the transaction go ?

The first page of the secure payment module informs you about your purchase:

  • Presentation of the name of the merchant (a guarantee that the merchant site was authenticated).
  • Amount and currency of the purchase (Euro).

After the card number has passed a first level of verification (key of Luhn, oppositions, etc), PAYBOX SYSTEM requests for authorization from the bank that is affiliated with the merchant. This is carried out by TRANSPAC, using standardized bank protocols.

The bank returns a number of authorization or a refusal. If the payment is accepted, PAYBOX SYSTEM carries out the following operations :

  • t will display the payment ticket on your screen.
  • It will send the payment ticket by email to the purchaser and the merchant.

Note: It is important that you keep this email as proof of your purchase.

The validation of the transaction will be notified to us by email at the same time. So we will be able to send you your NAME and PERSONAL CODE to unlock OnePlayer Puzzle within 24 hours of purchase.

You will then be redirected back to the OnePlayer site and will be able to continue your visit.