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Have a pause, enjoy a puzzle !

The game

Pauzzle is a completely online jigsaw puzzle game to do a little ... or a big break. No need to download or install anything. Choose a puzzle and enjoy !


Game Overview


A great online jigsaw puzzle game

Pauzzle is a online jigsaw puzzle game with all the features you would expect to have fun.

...And all that without needing to install anything on your computer.

Set shape of the pieces

Display the pieces in a classic shape and occasionally, switch all the pieces to squares in order to see details.

Choose the game that fits you

From the Renaissance to the Impressionists, choose the jigsaw puzzle you like from the thousands paintings available on the site.

Launch a game of 48, 108 or 192 pieces, with or without random rotation of the pieces. Up to you!

Jigsaw Puzzle Model

Display the layout of the puzzle as soon as you have any doubt about a piece.

Change the color of the mat

Choose the color of your mat based on pieces that you are assembling.

Also adjust the brightness to play as comfortably as possible.

Zoom on the mat

Reduce the mat and all the pieces in order to get more places to play or enlarge the mat to work on a tough detail.

5 zoom levels are available: XS, S, M, L, XL.

Make a backup

Save your current game with all parameters: mat color, zoom, time spent, progress of the game, etc.

Convenient to start your game on your computer during the lunchtime and finish it comfortably on your tablet in the evening by the fireside :)