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Puzzle Kid

A free puzzle game for kids

Le jeu

Puzzle kid is a puzzle game for children from 4 to 10 years of age. It was created to help children learn technology while having fun.

Developed some time ago, the game is free and available here as a thematic collection.There’s no hidden spyware or other tricks. It’s simply a present for your kid :)

If you are happy with it, you can give your support by recommending the site to your friends or making a donation.

Game Overview


Choose your character

Choose your favorite character and give it a name. With it, you will recover your games.

A mini-game is hidden in this panel to have fun catching your character. You figure it out ...

When you have caught it, click on the arrow to the right.

Choose your puzzle

It’s easy. Click on the picture of the puzzle you want to do.

By clicking on the blue camera you can create your own puzzle from any picture selected from your computer.

Create your own puzzle

If you have chosen to create your own puzzle, you’ll find yourself here.

First, click on the camera icon on the top left of the screen to search for an image in your computer.

Next, you can crop the image as you wish. When it's ok, cut it off with scissors and create your puzzle.

Launch your game

On the Dashboard you can access everything you will need to do for the puzzle.

For example, you can start a game of 48 pieces with round pieces or with normal pieces.

When a puzzle is finished, the buttons on the bottom of the image will become active. Behind each button, there is a surprise...

Do your puzzle with fun

This is where we play!

There is a real magnifying glass and the image of the puzzle in case you have a doubt.

If you’ve got to stop and go to dinner, you can save the game by clicking on the disc icon, or pause it by clicking on the little clock icon.

Careful, the time your child takes to do his puzzle is counted. If he wants to play with friends, better not be a slow poke!

Who is the champion?

When you’ve finished the puzzle, you'll compare your time with that of your friends. We'll see who wins the gold medal.

Those who has the most gold medals becomes the champion. To know who the champion is, click on the crown button in the dashboard.

Create a postcard

As soon as you finish a puzzle, you can get here, and print the image with a nice frame.

You can also add text if you want and give it to your parents :)

Download and install for free the collection of Puzzle Kid