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Puzzle Pro 3

Le jeu

Play jigsaw puzzle on your computer

Free of useless gadgets, Puzzle Pro was created for you to rediscover the pure pleasure of the puzzle, from finding a beautiful image, to the construction of the puzzle.
With a separate box for the puzzle pieces; a large resizable game mat; a puzzle image that can be enlarged to see the details; and pieces presented face down or face up and rotated randomly, you'll like it.

Install the game, and have access to a choice of 3167 puzzles in 108 to 300 pieces.


Game Overview


A library for storing puzzles

All information about your puzzles and games are available from the library.

You will also find new puzzles that you have uploaded from the site.

The mat

That's the mat set.

The positions of the pieces are relative to each other, allowing you to construct your puzzle anywhere on the mat, just like in a real jigsaw puzzle game.

You can zoom in on the mat to see the detail of a piece and you can organize your game space however you like.

The model

3 statements are available to see the model of the puzzle.

The third statement allows you to enlarge a part of the image to see it in detail.

A real box for pieces

As in real life, pieces are initially in a box! They are arranged randomly, face up or down, with random rotation.

End of game

You have finished a game.

You can compare the time of your game with your best time.

Download and install for free 3.06

A collection of 3167 puzzles

With very diverse themes, you will find paintings by Jerome Bosch or Fra Angelico, sea maps from the 16th Century, canvases by Turner and Gauguin, as well as a number of other artists from all eras and cultures. You will also find works from contemporary artist.

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