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Contribute to the game

In the beginning, OnePlayer Puzzle (the old name for Puzzle Pro) was offered as a free download. However, due to the work involved in developing and maintaining the game and the site, it’s now necessary to ask for a contribution from those who use the game regularly.

Puzzle Pro is therefore now offered in return for a yearly subscription fee of 20 € (not including VAT).
Your contribution will allow us to regularly offer new puzzles.

With this subscription, you can use Puzzle Pro as many times as you like for the period of one year, and you will have access to all the puzzles offered on the site, as well as it’s services.

After using the site for 1 month, Puzzle Pro will ask you to enter your NAME and PERSONAL CODE to continue playing. To obtain your NAME and PERSONAL CODE, click on the below button.

Access the license for Puzzle Pro 3.06
What will happen before payment has been validated?

In the 48 hours following your payment, OnePlayer will send you an email with your NAME and PERSONAL CODE, that will allow you to deblock the game.

Terms and conditions of usage and sale

Limits of the rights of use

Acquiring the license of Puzzle Pro 3 authorizes you to use Puzzle Pro3.

You can only make a copy of this program for backup reason.

Acquiring a license for Puzzle Pro 3 does not authorize you to employ the program for commercial use, or in any situation that may generate income by its use.

The author of this program is PHILIPPE CHEVALIER. The current program is registered at the Program Protection Agency, which is a member of the international interdeposit network. The current program is protected in France by the intellectual property code, and internationally by the international conventions of the author’s copyright.
All rights of this program and all other rights of its use not specified in this agreement are reserved by PHILIPPE CHEVALIER.

If you wish to employ this program for commercial use, you must ask the author, Philippe Chevalier, who reserves the right to refuse without further justification.


We remind you that the current program is an entertainment product, conceived entirely for recreational use. Therefore, neither the authors, nor ONEPLAYER, expect they will be responsible for any damage caused to the user or a third party as a direct or indirect result of using this program or its contents.

Neither ONEPLAYER, nor its authors, guarantee that this program will meet your highest demands, or will be without default for the unforeseeable future.

Proceeding the download and / or payment, the client accepts without reservation the application of these current conditions of use for all versions of this program.


The payment for the license of Puzzle Pro 3 of 20 € (not including VAT) allows you to use the game as many times as you wish for one year starting from the moment that you receive your code.

During this period, you also have permanent access to all of the puzzles available on the site, and all of the services.

In the case of paying for the license for Puzzle Pro 3, it is expected that the purchase corresponds exclusively to the product downloaded and that there is no further physical support used (CD, documents, email inbox)



Considering that Puzzle Pro 3 is offered as a SHAREWARE (free use for a limited time), we expect that you have taken the time to install the program on your computer first and tested that it works during the time it is offered free.

Therefore, if you wish to cancel your transaction after payment and we have sent you the code to deblock the game, we reserve the right to refuse this reimbursement.

If you wish to obtain more information before making your purchase, don’t hesitate to contact OnePlayer Support by clicking here

If you do not wish to obtain a license for the game

In this case, simply uninstall the game from your computer by clicking on the link "Uninstall Puzzle Pro" found in: My Computer / Programs / OnePlayer / Puzzle Pro

Note that if you have purchased a license for OnePlayer Puzzle (until the latest version 2.50) it will remain valid even if you de-install Puzzle Pro.

We thank you for your interest in OnePlayer.