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Download Puzzle Pro 3

The latest version of Puzzle Pro available to download from this website is 3.06 version. To download this version, click on the below button.

Download Puzzle Pro 3.06
Minimum configuration required
  • Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP.
  • Screen definition 800 x 600 pixels, thousands of colors (24 bits).
  • 32 mb RAM.
Install the puzzle game

To install Puzzle Pro, simply follow the instructions below :

  1. Check that your computer has the minimum configuration required above.
  2. Launch the Puzzle Pro download by clicking on the link below.
    The file to download is approximately 4 mb.
  3. A pop up window will ask you to save the file PPRO_306_FR.exe
    Click "Save" and chose a location to save it on your computer.
  4. When the download is finished, double click on the file that you have downloaded and saved in your computer to start the installation program.

At the end of this process, the application will be installed on your computer. You can launch it by clicking on the new icon that will appear on your desktop.

Update your puzzle game

Check your version of Puzzle Pro 3

To check the version of Puzzle Pro 3 installed on your computer, start the game.
The version number will be written under the "Puzzle Pro" title on the home page of the game.

The latest version available on the website is the version version 3.06

To find out the differences between the versions, click on the section "Previous Versions" below.

Update Puzzle Pro 3.x to Puzzle Pro 3.x+

The update of Puzzle Pro 3.x to more recent version (Puzzle Pro 3.x+) is free.

To start the update, uninstall your current version, by clicking on the link "Uninstall Puzzle Pro" found under: My Computer / programs / OnePlayer / Puzzle Pro.

Install the new version in the same place. You will find all your puzzles and saved games as before.

Update OnePlayer Puzzle or Puzzle Pro 2 to Puzzle Pro 3

The installation of Puzzle Pro 3 does not replace OnePlayer Puzzle, because the new program will be created in a new folder. Therefore, the 2 versions can co-exist on your computer.

Once the installation is complete, the new puzzles you download will automatically install in Puzzle Pro 3.

Puzzle Pro 3 is compatible with your old puzzles and parts of puzzles from OnePlayer Puzzle.
If you wish to transfer your games, simply copy the contents of the file < PUZZLE > of OnePlayer Puzzle in the file < PUZZLE > of Puzzle Pro 3.

Previous Versions

Puzzle Pro version 3.06 - 01/12/2010

The bug that dispalyed the play mat in the top left of the screen on some configuration is now fixed.

Puzzle Pro version 3.05 - 11/25/2009

English version available. Small updates from 3.04.

Puzzle Pro version 3.04 - 11/20/2008

New function allowing you to make a low definition copy of the puzzle once completed.

Puzzle Pro version 3.03 - 11/16/2008

Corrections of the below bugs in the previous version :
- Message displayed when game is launched asking where to find the file "Stretch.swa"
- Countdown of days left to play from day 31, although you have paid for a yearly license.

Puzzle Pro version 3.02 - 10/31/2008

Puzzle Pro 3 is the new version of the puzzle game from OnePlayer. This version includes many improved features from OnePlayer Puzzle 2.50. In particular:

- Larger game space(1024 x 768).
- 25 puzzles displayed at the same time in the library.
- Volume control improved..
- Positioning of the game mat on your screen.
- Game engine optimization.

In order to offer new puzzles every month, Puzzle Pro is now available by subscription. To find out more, click here.

This version is available by subscription

Puzzle Pro version 2.50

Puzzle Pro is the new name for OnePlayer Puzzle. Puzzle Pro version 2.50 is the equivalent of OnePlayer Puzzle version 2.50. There is no need to update between these 2 versions.

This version is offered as a shareware

OnePlayer Puzzle version 2.50

- Some sounds modified.
- Mouse cursor modified and magnifying glass button.
- New function to print puzzle image at the end of a game.
- Updated game links to version 5 on the OnePlayer siter.

This version is offered as a shareware

OnePlayer Puzzle version 2.42

- New pop up box asking to save the game at the end of a puzzle.

This version is offered as a shareware

OnePlayer Puzzle version 2.41

- Removal of the bug that appeared at the end of a game in which you haven’t saved.
- Possibility to rotate the box pieces with the left click AND the right click..

This version is offered as a shareware

OnePlayer Puzzle version 2.40

- Bug fixed for the problem of saving that appeared when launching the game from "My Computer” "in windows (for certain configurations).
- Modification to the sound for the viewing of module "Model".
- Enlarged rotation arrows.
- Possibility to rotate the game mat pieces with the left click AND the right click.

This version is offered as a shareware

OnePlayer Puzzle version 2.33

- Updated transparent halo effect when fusing pieces.
- Bug fixed for the error message that appeared for certain configurations:
"Unable to open file : C:\program files\oneplayer\puz2\sauve.cst" because it is already open with right permission by another user."
- Bug fixed for the error message that appeared for certain configurations:
"Internal error : Unexpected failure while compositing bitmap member X of PLAYER-CAST X."

This version is offered as a shareware

OnePlayer Puzzle version 2.30

- Improved application engine.
- Automatic rotation arrows appear when a piece on the game mat is selected.
- Pieces can be rotated by left clicking on the rotation arrows.
- Smiley face added when pieces are not fused.
- 80 free play sessions authorized until the installation of the secure payment system by credit card.

This version is offered as a sharewar

OnePlayer Puzzle version 2.20

- New application engine.
- Automatic check for lost pieces.
- Puzzle format horizontal and vertical.
- Integrated navigator to access available functions on the website.
- Encoding for saving function and user preferences.
- Reduced weight of the application.
- Reduced weight of the puzzles.
- Hide the desktop when the application opens. EXPLORATER UNIT
- New interface.
- Procedure to send best time directly to the site.
- Selection and download of puzzles authorized from the application.
- The display of puzzle icons.
- Puzzle sorting authorized as Visible / invisible.
- Authorization to delete a downloaded puzzle.
- Display the name of the puzzles in the same language as the interface.
- Display the name of the author.

- Authorization when closing the window MODEL.
- Authorization for different enlargements of the image of the MODEL.

- New interface.
- Rotation and piece fusion with right click.
- New graphic effect for piece fusion.
- 9 mat colors available.
- Miniature mat displayed with the position of all the pieces.
- Display of the puzzles progress in %.
- Modification to mat zoom.
- Added cursor rotation.
- SMILEY image added for piece fusion..

- 5 box colors available.
- Possibility to personalize the back of pieces.

- New interface.

- Direct access to the website for help with downloading new puzzles.
- Direct access to consult and send best times to the results online.

This version is offered as a shareware

OnePlayer Puzzle version 1.41

New function added "look under the mat".
This function, accessed by the armchair icon in the toolbar, allows you to retrieve the pieces that you have lost under the mat or box during the game.

Compatible with version 1 and 2

- Installing version 2 of OnePlayer Puzzle does not uninstall version 1.
- The 2 versions can co-exist on your computer.
- The puzzles from version 1 are not compatible with version 2. You will need to download them again from the website.

This version is offered as a shareware

OnePlayer Puzzle version 1.34

First version of the application of OnePlayer Puzzle available on the website.

This version is offered as a shareware

Download puzzles

The first puzzle already exists in the program. You can download for free more puzzles at your selection from the 3167 puzzles available on the website.