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Search by artist (list)
Name Gender Puzzles
Di Cosimo (Piero ) Renaissance Art 4
Hammerl (Max) Modern Art 2
Abbate (Niccolo dell) Classic art 1
Agasse (Jacques-Laurent) Classic art 5
Aguado Bejarano (Manuel) Classic art 1
Alma-Tadema (Sir Lawrence) Modern Art 37
Alsloot (Denis van) Renaissance Art 3
Altdorfer (Albrecht) Renaissance Art 8
Anquetin (Louis) Modern Art 9
Arcimboldo (Giuseppe) Classic art 10
Atlas Miller Old maps 4
Avlichos (George) Classic art 2
Bacon (Henry) Modern Art 12
Bagnold Burgess (John) Modern Art 9
Belimbau (Adolpho) Modern Art 1
Belle (Alexis Simon) Classic art 1
Bellini (Giovanni) Renaissance Art 17
Berchem (Nicolaes Piertersz) Classic art 3
Bidau (Eugène) Modern Art 2
Bierstadt (Albert ) Modern Art 31
Blaas (von) (Eugène) Classic art 7
Blaeu (Willem) Old maps 1
Bloemaert (Abraham) Modern Art 8
Boldini (Giovanni) Modern Art 20
Borione (Bernard Louis) Classic art 2
Bosch (Jérôme) Renaissance Art 19
Botticelli (Sandro) Renaissance Art 18
Boucher (François) Classic art 10
Bouguereau (William-Adolphe) Modern Art 26
Bradish Titcomb (Mary) Classic art 3
Brate (Fanny) Modern Art 4
Bridgman (Frederick Arthur) Modern Art 26
Bronzino (Agnolo di Cosimo) Classic art 3
Bruegel (Pieter) Renaissance Art 25
Bruegel (Jan) Classic art 6
Brulloff (Karl) Modern Art 17
Burne-Jones (Edward) Modern Art 9
Butler (Théodore Earl) Modern Art 5
Caillebotte (Gustave) Modern Art 13
Cajou Contemporary art 14
Campin (Robert) Ancient Art 3
Canaletto (Giovanni Antonio) Renaissance Art 15
Caraud (Joseph) Modern Art 4
Caravage (Michelangelo Merisi) Classic art 7
Carpaccio (Vittore) Renaissance Art 12
Casol (Maryse) Contemporary art 12
Cassatt (Mary) Modern Art 16
Cecchi (Adriano) Modern Art 10
Cézanne (Paul) Modern Art 36
Chadwick (William) Modern Art 4
Chardin (Jean-Baptiste Siméon) Classic art 7
Chase (William Merritt) Modern Art 48
Chevalier (Philippe) Contemporary art 320
Childe (Hassam) Modern Art 60
Collier (John) Modern Art 8
Constable (John) Classic art 5
Corot (Camille) Modern Art 2
Cot (Pierre Auguste) Modern Art 5
Courbet (Gustave) Modern Art 16
Courtney Curran (Charles) Modern Art 17
Cranach (Lucas) Renaissance Art 1
Cranach l'ancien (Lucas) Renaissance Art 5
Dahl (Johan Christian) Modern Art 18
Dandini (Vincenzo) Classic art 2
David (Laëtitia) Contemporary art 7
David (Jacques-Louis) Classic art 17
De Fendhal (Saraï) Contemporary art 4
De Vinci (Léonard) Renaissance Art 7
De Virieu (Claire) Contemporary art 9
Degas (Edgar) Modern Art 18
Delacroix (Eugène) Modern Art 10
Detti (Cesare Auguste) Classic art 3
Deully (Eugène) Modern Art 2
Doré (Gustave) Classic art 7
Douanier Rousseau (Henri) Modern Art 47
Dunlop (Georges leslie) Modern Art 7
Dürer (Albrecht) Renaissance Art 16
Enjolras (Delphin) Modern Art 1
Ernst (Rudolf) Modern Art 11
Ewerbeck (Carlos) Modern Art 1
Fantin Latour (Henri) Modern Art 18
firmin Girard (François Marie) Modern Art 4
Fischer (Paul Gustav) Classic art 25
Fouquet (Jean) Renaissance Art 5
Fra Angelico Renaissance Art 13
Fragonard (Jean Honoré) Classic art 8
Francken (hyeronimus) Renaissance Art 1
Franz (Marc) Modern Art 4
Frieseke ((Frederic Carl)) Modern Art 19
Gainsborough (Thomas) Classic art 7
Gauguin (Paul) Modern Art 56
Gericault (Théodore) Classic art 8
Gérôme (Jean-Léon) Modern Art 29
Ghirlandaio (Domenico) Renaissance Art 8
Giorgione (Barbarelli) Renaissance Art 6
Giorgo Martini (Francesco ) Renaissance Art 6
Godward (John Williams) Modern Art 21
Gonzales (Eva) Modern Art 7
Gower (Georges) Classic art 1
Goya (Fransisco (de)) Classic art 39
Grant (Françis) Classic art 1
Greuze (Jean Baptiste) Classic art 15
Gris (Juan) Modern Art 7
Gysis (Nikolaos) Modern Art 6
Hals (Frans) Renaissance Art 8
Hayez (Francesco ) Classic art 20
Heade (Martin Johnson) Modern Art 10
Hokusai (Katsushika) Oriental art 37
Holbein le jeune (Hans) Renaissance Art 7
Ingres (Jean-Auguste-Dominique) Classic art 16
Jakobides Georgios Modern Art 6
Jakushu (Ito) Oriental art 7
Janou Contemporary art 10
Kern (Hermann Armin) Classic art 6
Khamsé de Djami Oriental art 1
Klimt (Gustav) Modern Art 24
Konan (Tanigami) Oriental art 32
Kowalsky (Léopold Franz) Modern Art 5
Krouthen (Johan) Classic art 3
La Fresnaye (Roger (de)) Modern Art 3
La Tour (Georges) Classic art 1
Le Retif (Véronique) Contemporary art 12
Lebasque (Henri) Classic art 11
Lefebvre (Jules) Modern Art 10
Leighton (edmund Blair) Classic art 3
Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry Ancient Art 12
Lesrel (Adolphe Alexandre) Classic art 5
Lesur (Henri Victor) Classic art 1
Lorenzetti Ambrogio Renaissance Art 3
Lytras (Nikiforos) Classic art 4
Maclise (Daniel) Classic art 2
Manet (Edouard) Modern Art 21
Mantegna (Andréa) Renaissance Art 8
Martinet (Edouard) Contemporary art 6
Meissonier (Jean-Louis-Ernest) Classic art 4
Memling (Hans) Renaissance Art 22
Messina (Antonello da) Renaissance Art 6
Metsys (Quentin) Renaissance Art 3
Meyer Von Bremen (Johann) Classic art 9
Michelangelo Renaissance Art 6
Miller (Richard Edward) Modern Art 18
Millet (Jean-Francois) Modern Art 2
Monet (Claude) Modern Art 46
Moore (Albert) Classic art 6
Moran (Thomas) Modern Art 49
Moreau (Gustave) Modern Art 18
Morisot (Berthes) Modern Art 15
Murillo (Bartholomé Esteban) Classic art 4
Muschamp (Francis) Classic art 2
Nattier (Jean Marc) Classic art 1
Okyo (Maruyama) Oriental art 4
Oliver (Isaac) Classic art 1
Palacios (René) Contemporary art 6
Parkes Bonington (Richard) Classic art 7
Paxton (William McGregor) Classic art 8
Pierart (Luc) Contemporary art 11
Piero ( Della Francesca) Ancient Art 2
Pin-up-du-jour Partner 16
Pissarro (Camille) Modern Art 38
Pollock (Anshutz Thomas) Modern Art 4
Portaels (Jean François) Classic art 3
Potthast (Henry Edouard) Modern Art 41
Poussin (Nicolas) Classic art 3
Prendergast (Maurice) Classic art 8
Ptolemy (Claudius) Old maps 1
Ramsay (Georges) Classic art 1
Ranson (Paul) Classic art 7
Raphael Renaissance Art 6
Redon (Odilon) Modern Art 28
Reid (Robert Lewis) Classic art 14
Rembrandt Classic art 14
Renoir (Pierre-Auguste) Modern Art 40
Reymond (Stéphane) Contemporary art 5
Richter (Henry) Classic art 1
Ritter Von Ottenfeld (Rudolf) Classic art 0
Roslin (Alexandre) Classic art 6
Rota (Martino) Renaissance Art 1
Rubens (Pierre Paul) Renaissance Art 8
Sargent (John Singer) Modern Art 17
Sasseta Renaissance Art 5
Scrots (William) Classic art 2
Seignac (Guillaume) Modern Art 9
Semour (Joseph Guy) Classic art 4
Serusier (Paul) Classic art 6
Seurat (Georges) Modern Art 9
Sheridan Knowles (Georges) Classic art 9
Shohaku (Soga) Oriental art 2
Signac (Paul) Modern Art 4
Snyders (Frans) Classic art 5
Soulacroix (Frédéric) Classic art 2
Spartali Stillman (Marie) Modern Art 7
Stevens (Alfred) Classic art 7
Stilwell Weber (Sarah) Classic art 1
Tarbell (Edmund) Modern Art 35
Teniers (David) Classic art 5
Tissot (James) Modern Art 15
Toulmouche (Auguste) Modern Art 5
Toulouse Lautrec (Henri de) Modern Art 8
Tour Voile Partner 15
Tsokos (Dionysos) Classic art 2
Turner (William) Classic art 21
Uccello (Paolo) Renaissance Art 4
Utagawa (Kuniyoshi) Oriental art 31
Utagawa (Toyokuni) Oriental art 17
Valandon (Suzanne) Modern Art 3
Van der Goes (Hugo) Ancient Art 5
Van der Meulen (Steven) Classic art 2
Van Eyck (Jan) Renaissance Art 4
Van Gogh (Vincent) Modern Art 67
Van Honthorst (Gerrit) Classic art 7
Van Ravesteyn (Jan Anthonisz) Renaissance Art 1
Van Tilborgh (Willis) Classic art 4
Velàsquez (Diego) Classic art 13
Vermeer (Jan) Renaissance Art 18
Vigée Lebrun (Elizabeth) Classic art 9
Von Steuben ((Carl)) Classic art 3
Vryzakis (Theodoros) Classic art 4
Waterhouse (John William) Modern Art 21
Wesley Bellows ( George) Modern Art 10
Whistler (James Abbott McNeill) Classic art 2
Wilmarth (Lemuel Everett) Classic art 1
Winslow (Homer) Classic art 7
Witz (Konrad) Ancient Art 6
Yun (Tomo) Contemporary art 61
Zurbaran (Francisco de) Classic art 5