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posted on 09/06/2020

posted on 06/29/2020

Geraldjaife About the site
posted on 06/08/2020 - Antidetect browser is a software innovation with unique methods that change fingerprints in a natural way and remain undetectable to online tracking services. Easily bypass fingerprinting and skip over sms verification from major big data companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc.

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1. Hardware. Change hardware data of your system. Manage bios versions, manufacturer, serial numbers and more.
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3. WebRTC. Change WebRTC IP, local IP and mac address. Automatically set the time zone & location by current IP. View IP info and logs
4. Canvas. Set a different canvas fingerprint that corresponde to other common devices. Optionally generate undetectable and unique canvas fingerprints.
5. Resolution. Adapt the screen monitor to any resolution. Change the color depth of the monitor. Change the taskBar size and Windows metrics.
6. Fonts. Naturally install and uninstall any real fonts for Windows. Manage specific fonts for Windows version. Change the fonts fingerprint and glyph's.
7. Geolocation. Automaticaly set a new geographic location by IP, street address or coordinates. Easily change, allow or block your current location on the map.
8. Flash. Choose any flash version and set custom mime's type and environment. Change any of the flash parameters. Restore or delete flash cookies.
9. Plugins. Instantly create or remove real plugins from the browser. Randomly generate multiple natural plugins. Choose any plug-in version from the resource list.
10. Date & Time. Automaticaly change the time zone to match with the zone of the current IP or geolocation. Set any format date & time for Windows. Custom time synchronization.
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yaya20079 About the site
posted on 03/03/2019

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yana_123b4 About the site
posted on 02/28/2019

Very good information

yana_123b4 About the site
posted on 02/27/2019

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yana_123b4 About the site
posted on 02/27/2019

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john About Solitaire
posted on 11/22/2016

great game, nice shape, but when will the notebook be ready to use ?

Lucie About Solitaire
posted on 07/18/2015

thank you big time

Lucie About the site
posted on 07/10/2015

great game superbe

Dotty About the site
posted on 06/30/2014

Hi. Love your puzzles. But I went to play the puzzles today and site told me I had to pay again! I just purchased and paid for a year thru paypal on 5-22-14 and have been playing everyday since please help me I can not find my user license code to reenter. Help me please this old woman is at a loss with out her Oneplayer Pro Puzzles.

OnePlayer reply :
Please contact me at and we will fix that.

Carol About Puzzle Pro
posted on 07/01/2010

your site has been one of my greatest comforts while battling a disabling illness. hope you know how much we older folks appreciate the work you do on this site. Please,oh please, may we have new puzzles? Thanks again P.

OnePlayer reply :
Thank you :) We will be able to add some new puzzles soon. If you want more information and stay in touch with us you can join our facebook page

Thank you for your support. With our good wishes for your swift recovery :)

Vivien About the site
posted on 05/05/2010

Just taken delivery of new pc so had to download this fantastic puzzle site again.
However download aborted as it stated "file corrupted"
Is the problem your end or mine.
Please help because I am devasted.

OnePlayer reply :
Please contact us at the suport so we will be able to help you to fix the problem.

Mickael About the site
posted on 01/12/2010

Love it! Great site! The puzzles are really challenging + offer the opportunity to learn about famous artists and their movement. A very interactive educational tool.

OnePlayer reply =

Fysh About the site
posted on 12/14/2009

solitaire won't load. It says the files are corrupted!

OnePlayer reply :
The file has been replaced and it's ok now. Please try agin.

Mike About the site
posted on 11/26/2009

I am very happy that you have added the English version of the site! I have been waiting for this.

OnePlayer reply =

ansgarsson About the site
posted on 06/08/2009

Will you again offer your website in English?
Thank you for the great new puzzles. The new website looks beautiful.

OnePlayer reply :
Thank you. We'll try to set back the website in English as soon as possible.

Audrey-rose About the site
posted on 11/12/2008

WELCOME BACK! You were missed by me! This is the most wonderful site - the art and photos are outstanding.

I had checked often to disapointment and was so very delighted to receive the message of your return.

I still have the old oneplayer on an old hard drive and continue to play that however I await the return of the english translation of the site so I can make the contribution to your efforts and see new and wonderful art puzzles.

Welcome Back! and Thank you for returning.


OnePlayer reply :
Thank you for your loyalty!

Reesnes About Puzzle Pro
posted on 10/25/2008

How can I make the website appear in English? The old site used to offer that as an option, but I don't see it on the new one.

OnePlayer reply :
We'll try to set back the english version as soon as possible.

Nick About Solitaire
posted on 03/26/2006

Hello, my name is Nick great site!

OnePlayer reply =

judyb About Puzzle Pro
posted on 03/15/2006

No new puzzles for this month? Did the site close and I missed it? Please let us know..I look forward to the new puzzles each month. Thanks for all you do.

OnePlayer reply :
We're late but we'll try to add new puzzles soon.