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Rob from West Virginia About the site
posted on 05/06/2001

This is undoubtedly the best site on the internet. I have spent hours enjoying the puzzles, which are of the highest quality and the greatest variety. Since discovering this site several months ago, I have not built a single jigsaw puzzle other than OnePlayer puzzles: they're that good . . . and that addictive. I would like to extend my most heartfelt thanks and greatest appreciation to the creators of this site, who continue to develop and refine their creation with unflagging devotion and i

t-hen About Puzzle Pro
posted on 05/05/2001

these puzzles are excellent, I have been looking for something like this for a long time.

Deany About Puzzle Pro
posted on 05/05/2001

My husband is disabled and he and my granddaughter have hours of fun working the puzzles you have created. Thank you so much for giving them something they enjoy doing and being able to spend time together. It has really helped with the depression of not being able to do the things that they used to do together. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

K_ress About the site
posted on 04/13/2001

J'adore vraiment ce site, et je trouve que depuis un certain temps, il s'est encore amélioré! Merci pour ce beau passe-temps!!!

Pat from Australia About the site
posted on 04/03/2001

Thank you for your site - I am having a wonderful time with your many and varied supply of puzzles - it should keep me quiet for quite a long time

Darlene About the site
posted on 03/10/2001

Glad I found your site, enjoy the puzzels even though I don't understand a word of the directions, etc. Am having fun trying to figure it out.

cal-bird About Puzzle Pro
posted on 03/09/2001

Are there any puzzles under 50 pieces? These are fun, but too big to play at work during slow times.

bus2810 About Puzzle Pro
posted on 03/05/2001

Keep up the good word. Faire des puzzles est un beau passe-tant. merci--thank-you

Kim About Puzzle Pro
posted on 03/04/2001

I LOVE PUZZLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan in Alabama About Puzzle Pro
posted on 02/23/2001

I'm addicted to computer jigsaw puzzles and I think I could have many hours of enjoyment with yours, but I can't figure out how to use it since I only speek and read English. The puzzles are beautiful! If you have any plans to develop an english version, I'd like to be the first one to download it.

Linda in Michigan About Puzzle Pro
posted on 02/21/2001

Delighted to find your jigsaw puzzle site. Giving me fun hours. Thanks loads.

Joy from Ohio About the site
posted on 01/26/2001

Best puzzle site I have found on the net. Thanks

Christine Christensen from New-Zealand About the site
posted on 01/13/2001

What a wonderful web site !!!
Thankyou for endless hours of enjoyment !

SABITRI About the site
posted on 01/11/2001


Rich (klink) About the site
posted on 01/08/2001

a wonderful thing you are doing. By sharing your expertise just imagine how many people you are helping to put a smile in their day. Bless you

Cindy (Mustang) About the site
posted on 01/07/2001

Great site. Love puzzles. Wish it was more geared to and in more English. Having fun though. Thanks for the site.

Jennifer About Puzzle Pro
posted on 12/28/2000

Thanks for the wonderful puzzles. I'm bored silly at work and this really helps pass the time and keeps my mind active. Great site, too.

v.mac About the site
posted on 12/26/2000


Rush About Puzzle Pro
posted on 12/25/2000

yes i wanted to play with ur puzzles but i couldn't do it cos i couldn't find where to register and the pages are all messed up....u have words over words and u can't read them at all...well thank you and have a great holiday.....thank you


Chuck About the site
posted on 11/28/2000

Love doing crosswords. Keep them coming.

Christa About Puzzle Pro
posted on 11/22/2000

Thank you for the beautyful Puzzle Game
I love it...........